International Swimsuit & Lingerie Model voted by FHM as one of the world's top 100 sexiest women in the world.

Rosie is a British model best known for her international work as a swimwear model, and most recently known for her covers in Maxim Serbia, FHM Czech Republic and FHM Serbia.

Rosie RoffRosie was born in England, Cornwall; of part English, Irish and Czechoslovakian descent. Rosie claims to have picked up her love for modeling and being center stage from her father, who in his youth during the 70's modeled for high class publications such as Vogue. However, it was by chance that Rosie's modeling career started, when she was just 16, Rosie was spotted by a bikini company on a local beach and asked to model for them, since then Rosie has worked worldwide for brands such as Reebook, Apple Bottom Jeans and Lynx Aftershave.

Rosie Roff should wear lingerie more often. - Maxim USA

After working as a main model for Apple Bottom Jeans UK, Rosie received interest from American companies. She has never been the type to ignore an opportunity, so threw herself in to the work on offer both here and in the USA shooting for popular magazines like Girls of Lowrider and FHM.

Rosie Roff in FHM South Africa

Although Rosie is a recognized face in worldwide Men's magazines, it is her female following that remains strongest, and most valued by Rosie. The admiration of her bikini body is common ground amongst many females, who look to Rosie for a healthy, fit, strong yet womanly body ideal. Rosie strives to remain approachable to all girls and women, enjoys nothing more than interacting with fans to discuss diet and workout tips, and takes pride in being an advocate for healthy lifestyles.

Rosie Roff is the kind of girl songs are written about. - FHM Magazine

Setting Rosie apart from other models is her love for the art of photography; offering all her passion and creativity into every shoot, as well as an unbridled belief in each photographer's talent. Rosie sees each photograph as an art form, and brings as much of her personality in to a shoot as she can.


Rosie Roff - A true professional with drive, passion and talent. We make beautiful images together! When I look at Rosie through the lens I'm lost in the moment... I want my audience to feel what I feel at that very moment. Working with Rosie is an absolute pleasure! - 'Tom Fraud, Director at Factory 311



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From Elite magazine, January 2012, Issue #23


How did you get into modeling, and how long have you been doing it?

I was spotted on a beach and asked to join in with a modeling contest. That sparked and Interest for me! I was 16, been doing it part time when I could, on and off.

Can you remember your first shoot and what it was like?

Yes, I was petrified ... but found it fun anyway! There is something fantastic about changing persona for the camera.


Best shoot to date:

Best shoot, hard to say ... had so many fun ones! One of the best was shooting in the desert. I like any shoots which I get the opportunity to travel! It's great arriving at a new foreign location! For me, that's the best thing about modeling in general. Another great shoot was for the cover of SHOW magazine with Kim Kardashian's personal photographer. Shooting for FHM editions and Maxim were also memorable.

What are your hobbies?

I do a lot of exercise in my time off. I go to the gym wherever possible. At the moment, I rarely get that much time to myself, so I'm craving a whole day at the gym, followed by a sports massage. I'm also hugely interested in lingerie design. I hope one day to start my own range.